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Lanzarote – Day 5

Wow hard to believe it’s been 5 days out here now (well 4 proper ones). I woke this morning with some very stiff legs! But it was an early start for a short duathlon, which was only 2.5k, 15k, 2.5k. It was interesting, being my first duathlon. But as far as I can work out, your legs get tired quicker, and you aren’t wet for half the thing! I set of quite hard to try and wake the legs up and they felt ok, but I soon faded. I held a reasonable pace, running off a couple of people until we hit T1. A quick transition and I raced out, pegging it down the hill with the wind behind me at about 65k! I put the aero bars on this morning for this reason! However as soon as we hit the first hill into Tiajo my legs went, and it was a slog all the way til the turn around. Thankfully the rest of the ride was pretty much downhill, but into the wind, so I could just tuck up and keep the legs spinning. The 2nd run was a lot better. I got passed soon after T2 by a guy from my club, and just ran on his shoulder until the turn around point and kicked and dropped him. I felt pretty good here and the legs seem to be coping.

There was a aquathlon a couple of hours later that I was quite tempted by, but we went to the Wellness Centre after the race for a bit of cold/hot water treatment (ow!!) and some relaxing. By the time I had got out the centre, I was so relaxed I couldn’t even walk up the stairs, so I got an ice cream and went for a nap!

In the afternoon a few of us went out for a easy spin around Tiajo, and had fun battling with the wind, but I am finding that now I am fitter, active recovery really helps, if you have the time to do it. We did a nice 25k in just under an hour despite being blown to the other side of the road at points!

After this, we had the most important event of camp… The Man Tri Crazy Golf Championship! It was nice to take the mind off training for a bit, and just relax, though I have to say I think it isn’t really my sport!

Finally we had another swim set this evening. I am really noticing the difference that swimming every day makes, and find I am much more comfortable in the water, despite the fact I am pretty tired. I wore the wetsuit for the most part, but think I may need a new one if I don’t drop the new shoulder weight soon, as I am getting tired just doing 100m in it! I had a bit of stroke work done, and have a nice couple of things to work on for the coming swims, mainly keeping a high elbow so I don’t slap my forearm entering the water, and pushing my arms out more to the side when I extend.

All in all, a good and easyish day. I worked out earlier that I have clocked up over 21 hours in the 5 days! And I am certainly feeling better! My only gripe is the weather! It’s been cloudy the last couple of days, I need to top the tan up!