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Lanzarote – Days 1 and 2

Day 1

Well let’s just say day 1 was interesting. After flapping all night about my bike, I woke up at 5, knackered but couldnt get to sleep again. Rushed to the airport, getting stuck in traffic and then got to the airport with my carefully worked out luggage. When I went to hand my bike in, I casually asked the guy what the bike weight limit was and he said “Oh we don’t really worry about it’!! A lot of effor for nothing. The flight was a long one, a group of about 30 triathletes and 70 SAGA holiday people! A lot of grey hair on the plane! We arrived there and it was straight in the pool for what was supposed to be a 5k set! I managed 2.1k before I kept cramping and was unable to swim, but given the journey and how little I had had to drink that day, I can’t really complain. The pool is amazing, being able to train in an outdoor olympic pool in January is incredible. It was just nice to be training properly. I could really get used to this! I put the bike together to get it ready for the mechanic the next day, and then promptly slept for 10 hours! Felt amazing after!

Day 2

Well the bike is fixed!!! Took it to Pro Bike in the village and after getting the nut off, and hammering away at the crank to try and get it off (I was wincing with every hit!), he put the self-extracting bolt back on, tightened it properly and it came off. Words cannot describe the relief!

A quick rush back to La Santa for the group ride and we headed out for a 3 hour ride. Did about 73k of fairly hard riding, with some good climbing. It was nice to be pulling up some of the hills, felt good, but went off to hard. The egos then came out and an easy ride turned into quite a speedy one, with some big efforts! But it was good fun. The scenery is pretty amazing in parts, and I got some good pics.

After the bike, I had a quick bite to eat, and then it was into the pool to do 1.5k. Felt pretty knackered to begin with, but got into it. My times were down, but I am gettting my feel back. Legs were cramping a lot towards the end though! More food, and a nap later, and it was down to track for an hour session. Did 10k, with the main set being reps of 2k at 10k pace, with a 30 second rest before a 400m sprint. Hard work, but loosened up nicely! Gonna sleep well tonight! Legs are pretty tired now!

Just to gloat a bit, the tan is coming along nicely already! Its lovely out here, gonna miss it when I go back!