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Lanzarote – Day 3

Well this is where it starts to get tough. Today started with a 3k swim, and even before I was feeling pretty bad, especially in the legs. Given that my weekly average swim before this for a good few months has been 3-4k, I have doubled this already. The swim today was all technical work, with some long sets, and the start of the reps felt great, but I was getting tired quickly. What is good is that I am starting to feel good in the water again, and with a bit of rest, this should translate into some improved times for the swim. I managed about 3k and then had to stop as my shoulder where I fractured it was giving me some grief, but as I am not used to consecutive swim days, it is nothing to be worried about.

After 2nd breakfast and a food shop, we headed out on the bikes for an easy hour. I did about 28k, slightly below the minimums I had set, but with the wind and terrain and the fact I clocked up an hour, I was happy. I kept the heart rate low, and as long as I didn’t push it hard, the legs started to feel good again. Back home, and I headed for a quick nap, with yoga a couple of hours later. Unfortunately, I slept straight through yoga until I was woken up for the run race later! I don’t think I’m going to get any core or gym work in this week, it would be nice but I don’t really have the time! Plus, any gym work would just kill me. I am also sleeping a lot lately, and it is a sign of just how bad a shape I was in when I arrived, but things are slowly coming together.

This evening we had a 5/10k race, and despite a slow jog around the track for a warm up where the HR shot up to 150, I started to feel really good after about 15 mins and slowly picked up the pace. The legs started to go towards the end, but I am glad I did the whole 10k and managed to keep it together. I can feel myself getting a bit fitter every day, and just hope I don’t push myself over the edge in the coming days.

We have a tough few days lined up, as seen on the training plan, with the biggest day tomorrow being the IM bike course reccee which will be about 170k. I doubt I will have enough time to get a swim in after as we are planning on 8 hours riding time, 2 hours stops and 2 hours contigency for punctures etc. To be honest, my arms could do with a day off, so we shall see. But I am loving it out here, and could get used to cycling/swimming/running and getting a tan in January!

One thing is for certain though, my Spanish is so much worse than it used to be, given that I have learnt it for 3 years! Thankfully most people speak english so we get by alright!