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Lanzarote – Day 7

Well that’s it and we are finished. There is a swim tomorrow morning but I doubt I will be able to get up in time, and I am extremely pleased with how the week has gone. I will put a reflections post up in the next couple of days when I am not rushing against a ticking clock in the Internet Corner! Suffice to say, the numbers are big!

Today was another early start and we had a sprint triathlon, with a 400m swim, 15k bike, and 5k run. The swim started and we were all set off at once in the pool and it was the usual melee, but I sat on Tom’s feet, who is just a bit quicker than me, and had the perfect draft for the swim until my chip started to come off! I came out the swim in 7.30, and I think that water is slow, but it also includes time getting to T1. Given the heavy week, I was pleased with that. I had a quick transition, and got on the bike for the next leg. One thing I need to work on is my transitions, T1 I lose all momentum getting onto the bike as I don’t jump onto it, rather stop and get on, and T2 I need to work on getting off the bike whilst still moving.

The bike leg is the same as the duathlon, and I held back a bit so as not to blow up on the hill to Tiajo, but still managed to blow, but a bit furhter this time. Once at the turn around, I put the hammer down and just tucked up on my aero bars, feeling pretty good.

Another quick transition and I was out on the run for the same 5k course. I pushed hard to get the legs working and then settled into a good ryhtym. After about 1k, I was caught by a woman, so I sat on her shoulder, expecting to kick again at 1k to go. However she started to struggle, so I decided to up the pace and push past her, and soon dropped her. I carried on up to the turn around, and saw a big line of people who were close behind, so pushed on. At the 1k to go mark, I gave my usual kick, but with no one to push off, it is a bit more difficult! Coming into the stadium for the finish, I saw a guy catching me with about 200m home so had to sprint home and that hurt! But I came in under the hour and in 9th place! Pretty pleased with that, and also pleased with the fact that the 5k was my fastest of the week!

After a quick nap, we were out on the bikes for another supposed ‘easy spin’ and to begin with it was. We then hit the first biggish climb and someone decided to attack, and race instinct kicked in and I followed. I tried to push through with a counter attack, but Nick the coach was staight on my wheel and I didn’t have the legs to carry it through. We had a good roll unto Soo where I decided to go to the front and pull. A nice decent and I tucked up onto the aero bars and sat at a nice comfortable HR with someone on my wheel so carried on. Once on the flats I pushed the pace, and still had Andy on my wheel so carried on. After about 2k I turned around and it turned out we had dropped the entire pack! It was nice to know my legs were still feeling good after all! It was beautiful weather for it as well and a nice end to the week.

This evening we had a bit of fun playing Beach Volleyball, then I went to a massage class, to learn the basics of sports massage. It was a really interesting lesson, and I have a whole crib sheet for the girlfriend to work off! Apparently I am a natural according to the teacher! Ha!

Anyway, totals and reflections to follow. For now its time to celebrate and get ready to go back to the cold and potholes 😦

Preparing For Lanzarote Training Camp

Well if there is one thing I have learnt during my prep for this camp, is don’t leave everything til the last minute, especially ordering any kit I need! Being winter, and the start of the new year, there is no summer kit in stock as all the lines are refreshed, and all the good training aids are all sold out as people make good on their New Year’s Resolutions! So I have spent a good amount of the last weekend scouring the internet looking for kit! Just hope it arrives in time!

Anyway, 3 days out from camp with Man Tri, were a group of 24 of us are all heading to Club La Santa in Lanzarote for a week’s training. We have a huge range of things to do, with sessions offered by La Santa, and our own MTC organised sessions. We were sent a list of all the sessions happening and a recommended plan, from which I took what I think would suit me the best. I have selected a huge load of training to do, fitting in with my minimum aims as stated earlier:

  • Bike 30k a day
  • Swim 1.5k a day
  • Run 5k a day

Given my current training load, I could expect to achieve about 20 hours of training in a dedicated week, however I have scheduled about 35! It will be interesting to see how I hold up. I know I adapt quickly and can swim/bike/run myself into fitness over the first few days, but overuse and general exhaustion could play a big part in how much I can do. The facilities at La Santa do seem to be really good, so I can have massages and do lots of yoga and gym sessions to keep myself in a good state. Whatever happens, I am going to be sleeping lots!

I am expecting big things from the week, especially in my swimming. The opportunity to be swimming regularly, with a squad, with a coach, with training aids (finally brought myself some!) and structured sessions should improve it dramatically. I know what I can do 10x100m on at the moment, so will see how it goes when I get back! With regular running, I should get my form back again, which will be nice, and my cycling endurance should improve a lot over the week from all the miles. It will set me up for a very good season hopefully!

You will also notice a Massage Class thrown in there, which I have managed to squeeze into a gap in the training, which should give me a lot of help with self massage/helping others, and also let my girlfriend know how to massage legs properly! Anyway, enough talk, here’s the plan for the week:

Lanzarote Training Plan

Lanzarote Training Plan - Click To Enlarge

As part of camp, I have splashed out on some nice Assos shorts in the hope that they will save the nether regions from pain in long consistent rides, especially in the Fred Whitton Challenge, which I have been accepted onto with a team from work! That is going to be one tough day. Luckily I can preview most of the course as it is fairly local, so can check gear ratios, but I think it is going to have to be a compact chainset! But will be awesome preparation for Ironman training. I have also splashed out on a Bike Box Alan to transport my faithful steed around the world with me. It has cool stickers, with my name on it, with more to come; almost makes me look like an athlete…

My Bike Box!

Injured, Ill and Fed Up

Well as I sit here comtemplating on all the training I am missing, I thought why not blog about it! It’s been a while afterall…

As you can tell from the title, I am not exactly having the best pre season so far. First of all, at the start of last week I stood on something in my room, which I think was an upturned plug (I didnt pay much attention at the time) and hurt my foot. Nothing major happened, just a small strain I think. However, with my usual sensible mindset I decided it would be a good idea to go for an hour and a quarter run the day after with one of my training partners who I am training up for the Preston 10 mile road race. Felt fine for 20 mins and then the muscles protecting my foot got tired and I was in a lot of pain! Consequently I still can’t walk properly and have done a 10 min run since to try it out. It is taking a long time to heal this, mainly as you can’t really get much rest as no matter what you do, you have to walk. But it is slowly getting there.

The other problem I have is I have gotten ill, for the 2nd time in a month and I think it is the same bug, certainly the same symptons. The reason for this I suspect was that I had possibly a bit too indulgent weekend with not enough sleep and a far too large binge on sweets at a party. I am rather hoping it is not a chest infection, but with the symptons and the recurrance it could be possible. Having asthma I think I may have to nip to the GP in the next week or so for my Swine Flu vaccine, so can ask him them. So I am off training for the moment in an attempt to recover quickly, and sticking to my diet to give myself the best chances. Slight problem in that I have the Tour of the Peaks, over 100 miles now of cyclling in the Peak District, on Saturday, which means I need to recover quickly!

There are a few positives from this however (though I am scraping the barrel a bit!):

  1. If I am going to get ill and injured, at least its at the same time at not seperately so I don’t miss even more training
  2. It explains why I have been feeling so flat recently, especially in my long ride at the weekend when my legs have just been refusing to fire
  3. It is the off-season, so not the end of the world missing a week of training or so

So when I am finally recovered, I will need to rewrite my training program. I am going to keep my runs short, and try and get some interval work in there. I have been doing a lot of runs at easy pace lately, mainly whilst I switch my technique, but as that is getting there, I need to inject some pace, because at the moment I have none! Whilst in the run block, I will keep my formula of 6 runs, 2 bikes, 2 swims and 2 weights a week. Oweing to me getting a tattoo (yes I am following the norm and having an M-dot tattoo done) I will be out of the pool for another week or so after the 10 mile race, so will continue my running for another week, or have a transitional week depending on how I feel. One thing I have noticed when I actually was training and running 6 times a week, was how my knees felt. Usualy I always have a few niggles in my knees, especially when doing lots of running, and in all honesty I haven’t been doing my knee exercises as much as I should. But I have had absolutely no problems from then! I think the reasons for this are partly actually doing some exercises, even if not enough, recovering properly from last major training (my IM), and my diet. With the Paleo diet I am getting enough protein in my diet, and I suspect that all my stabilisers and muscles can actually recover and repair themselves properly, saving my ligaments! So that is certainly good news. Another massive improvement from the diet is muscle strength, muscle strength in my jaw that is! Boy do you have to chew a lot!

I have alse finally got round to starting yoga, and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It is very easy stuff (well theoretically) so nothing too complex and I can get most of the poses, though I do need to work on my flexibility. Given that the room was full of middle-aged woman who look like they do it every other day, giving this 21 year old man with shaved legs dodgy looks as they wondered what on earth he was doing here, I was pleased that I could do all the poses and was more flexible than a few of them. I also found some muscles that were incredibly tight, most notably my lats, and it seems to have helped my neck a lot, so a trip to the doctors may not be required. Finally, I have found a new massage place, conveniently based in the gym which offer an hours sports massage for under 20 quid! I may need to ask for a loyalty card…

Anyhoo, that is all for now, hopefully next time I will be writing about settling back into training and how my running seems to be coming together… unless things take a turn for the worse, so fingers crossed!