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End Of A Block

And so comes to the end the first part of my training. My first 5 week block has ended and now, off to Russia tomorrow for a few days, means that I will rest for the first time in what seems like AGES! Annoyingly I haven’t got my totals on me, but will put them up when I return. But I know that I have logged some big numbers, far bigger than this time last year.

I have shown improvement in all three sports. My swimming ever since camp, has had a massive improvement. Swimming every day on camp really raised my swimming up and I have managed to keep it up there. I did a 2.5k tt this morning on a whim, when I got to the pool yet, and pulled off a 43.30! Baring in mind when I was mega fit and doing tri club swimming before my crash last year, I did a 48.40, I’m pretty happy with a 5 minute pb! With a bit more work, I should be able to get it down to 40 min comfortably, which sets me up nicely for around an hour in the IM with a wetsuit on!

My cycling has strengthened, and I am definitely feeling better on the bike and lasting longer. Lots of work in the Lake District has improved my strength massively, and as soon as I can afford a compact crank, I should be flying up those hills! Running is much the same, and I am feeling really fluid and efficient and just need to work on building up my endurance with some longer runs.

After my rest, it will be much more of the same, more Lakes training, swimming with lots of interval work over 3k, and increasing my run distance. My weights and yoga have really helped keep any niggles under control, but my weights program changes, to start to work at increasing my power. I have another 5 week block before I take a long rest before I start my main build up.

Whilst I am looking forward to finally getting a bit of rest, with 20 weeks to go, I am loving the training and cannot wait to race!