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Le Terrier – Racing Ill

Well I think it’s safe to say the moral of the story is to not do it! I had been ill in the few days prior, night sweats, dizziness, headaches, cramps, dodgy stomach and generally feeling pretty rubbish, but having spent most of Saturday in bed, and gone for an easy hour on the bike, I felt ok and decided I should be ok to race. Sunday morning I felt ok, so headed off to Mikes for the race, having only managed half my breakfast, a sign something was up.

I don’t remember most of the ride really, I know that I was seriously struggling to keep up with Mike on the smallest of climbs and anything that got my heart rate up was causing me problems, so he went off ahead, and I carried on for what was to be a very long day! Le Terrier is only 125k, but with 3000m of climbing, its not an easy ride! I stayed in a comfortable pace for me, which involved going very slowly and being overtaken by most people, and just struggled round. The main problems I had were, I felt flat and tired, and couldnt sustain any power at all, and my stomach just didn’t want any food. I tried gels, energy drink, jelly babies, bars and all the food at the stops, but I just wasn’t hungry, and eventually stopped eating as I felt full and bloated, despite the small amount I had had.

It wasn’t a bad ride, I struggled through but I just wasn’t quick. It was basically good fat burning exercise, with some horrible climbs thrown in that sapped what little energy I had left. At around 95k I decided I needed to eat, so forced some Jelly Babies, drink and a gel down me. 5k later we hit a big climb, and I promptly threw it back up! My stomach was having any of it, so I was left to do the rest without food. Not bad training, but bad given my situation.

However, I finished it, and if I can manage 6 and a half hours on a bike feeling that bad, with very little food, at least I have some fitness. Fresh, I should be fine. It took me a while to notice, but once I had got home, showered, tried to eat a bit more, and got into bed to watch some tv and recover, it occured to me that I hadn’t actually peed that day! 6 and a half hours on the bike, and I hadn’t been to the toilet 2 hours after! Not good, turns out my kidneys weren’t too happy with the stress and went on strike for a bit! By the evening I had got my appetite back a bit and had a pizza. Mistake. I spent the night throwing it up! So I took Monday off work and slept, and have spent the last few days, trying to stay hydrated and get something into my body.

I have no idea what it was, maybe food poisoning, or a stomach virus but I seem to be over the worst of it now and I am eating proper meals again and they’re staying down! I went for a run this evening, and although I didn’t feel 100%, I am definitely getting better and it was nice to be back training.

Obviously this puts my Ironman build into a bit of a problem, given that I will miss at least 2 weeks of my main build. Not exactly ideal, though given the good base of fitness I’ve built up, I should be ok. I will spend the rest of this week easing back into training, and then start my build next week.

I don’t know if the race pushed back my recovery, probably not given my stomach didn’t really get any worse (or better) and I haven’t had any more fever since, but one thing’s for sure, I won’t be racing when I feel like that again!

A Long Time Coming…

Wow, yes it has been a very long time since my last blog post! It has been a busy time, a trip to Russia, sorting out another trip, catching up with friends, work getting busy and an increased training schedule mean that life has been busy! But it is better than being bored!

I suppose now is a good time to be blogging as annoyingly I am ill, so have lost all excuses for not blogging! It appears that a weekend in Manchester catching up with mates, going out, drinking, little sleep and not eating properly now has adverse effects on me! So my body has decided to punish me with an illness. Thankfully at the moment, it is nothing too bad. I managed to bash out a swim this morning and weights, though am switching tonight from a run to an early night. Hopefully this can nip it in the bud and keep it at a sore throat and headache and let me get back to training as soon as possible. I would much rather miss one training session than a few and a race, or not be in decent shape at the first race of the season!

Speaking of races, this weekend means Ribby Hall Triathlon! It has been a long time since I have competed, and am looking forward to testing my form and getting the Zipps out of hibernation! A little bold, but I am going for the win in M20-24 (even though there is no official category), as it is run by the same people as Fleetwood triathlon and should have a similar field. Timewise, close to an hour would be good, as I don’t think I quite have the speed to go under the hour at this point. Could be a good race though, and if there is little wind it will be fast.

Training is going well. Running is slowly starting to increase, and I am feeling fairly comfortable, though need to start getting another run in to get my fluidity back. Hoping to get some Newtons at Easter, so hoping this will help a lot! Cycling and swimming are all going well. Lots of riding in the Lakes has paid dividends, and I am feeling a lot stronger, though need more practise at long rides to get my nutrition and pacing sorted, it was all over the place last 100k+ ride I did, with dire consequences! Swimming is going well too, and is slowly starting to click with some reasonable mileage. My times are certainly down anyway.

One major difference I have noticed is my strength. It appears that all the weight training is beginning to pay off, and I am feeling a lot stronger. Not only am I lifting more in the gym, I am a lot stronger on the bike. I did Hardknott Pass at the weekend, the steepest road in England, and was oh so close to getting up until my back wheel spun out! Not bad for a standard chainset! I will be switching to a compact in a few weeks in preparation or the Fred Whitton, and it will be nice to have to option for either one. Thankfully, the longer runs have kept my weight down, and have reduced my body’s annoying tendency to bulk up at the sight of a dumbell!

The next blog will be a lot sooner (promise!) and will be a (hopefully good!) review of Ribby Hall. Might get my training plans up at some point too!

Train safe,


Injured, Ill and Fed Up

Well as I sit here comtemplating on all the training I am missing, I thought why not blog about it! It’s been a while afterall…

As you can tell from the title, I am not exactly having the best pre season so far. First of all, at the start of last week I stood on something in my room, which I think was an upturned plug (I didnt pay much attention at the time) and hurt my foot. Nothing major happened, just a small strain I think. However, with my usual sensible mindset I decided it would be a good idea to go for an hour and a quarter run the day after with one of my training partners who I am training up for the Preston 10 mile road race. Felt fine for 20 mins and then the muscles protecting my foot got tired and I was in a lot of pain! Consequently I still can’t walk properly and have done a 10 min run since to try it out. It is taking a long time to heal this, mainly as you can’t really get much rest as no matter what you do, you have to walk. But it is slowly getting there.

The other problem I have is I have gotten ill, for the 2nd time in a month and I think it is the same bug, certainly the same symptons. The reason for this I suspect was that I had possibly a bit too indulgent weekend with not enough sleep and a far too large binge on sweets at a party. I am rather hoping it is not a chest infection, but with the symptons and the recurrance it could be possible. Having asthma I think I may have to nip to the GP in the next week or so for my Swine Flu vaccine, so can ask him them. So I am off training for the moment in an attempt to recover quickly, and sticking to my diet to give myself the best chances. Slight problem in that I have the Tour of the Peaks, over 100 miles now of cyclling in the Peak District, on Saturday, which means I need to recover quickly!

There are a few positives from this however (though I am scraping the barrel a bit!):

  1. If I am going to get ill and injured, at least its at the same time at not seperately so I don’t miss even more training
  2. It explains why I have been feeling so flat recently, especially in my long ride at the weekend when my legs have just been refusing to fire
  3. It is the off-season, so not the end of the world missing a week of training or so

So when I am finally recovered, I will need to rewrite my training program. I am going to keep my runs short, and try and get some interval work in there. I have been doing a lot of runs at easy pace lately, mainly whilst I switch my technique, but as that is getting there, I need to inject some pace, because at the moment I have none! Whilst in the run block, I will keep my formula of 6 runs, 2 bikes, 2 swims and 2 weights a week. Oweing to me getting a tattoo (yes I am following the norm and having an M-dot tattoo done) I will be out of the pool for another week or so after the 10 mile race, so will continue my running for another week, or have a transitional week depending on how I feel. One thing I have noticed when I actually was training and running 6 times a week, was how my knees felt. Usualy I always have a few niggles in my knees, especially when doing lots of running, and in all honesty I haven’t been doing my knee exercises as much as I should. But I have had absolutely no problems from then! I think the reasons for this are partly actually doing some exercises, even if not enough, recovering properly from last major training (my IM), and my diet. With the Paleo diet I am getting enough protein in my diet, and I suspect that all my stabilisers and muscles can actually recover and repair themselves properly, saving my ligaments! So that is certainly good news. Another massive improvement from the diet is muscle strength, muscle strength in my jaw that is! Boy do you have to chew a lot!

I have alse finally got round to starting yoga, and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It is very easy stuff (well theoretically) so nothing too complex and I can get most of the poses, though I do need to work on my flexibility. Given that the room was full of middle-aged woman who look like they do it every other day, giving this 21 year old man with shaved legs dodgy looks as they wondered what on earth he was doing here, I was pleased that I could do all the poses and was more flexible than a few of them. I also found some muscles that were incredibly tight, most notably my lats, and it seems to have helped my neck a lot, so a trip to the doctors may not be required. Finally, I have found a new massage place, conveniently based in the gym which offer an hours sports massage for under 20 quid! I may need to ask for a loyalty card…

Anyhoo, that is all for now, hopefully next time I will be writing about settling back into training and how my running seems to be coming together… unless things take a turn for the worse, so fingers crossed!