The krazy life of triathlon


All my life I’ve been fairly active, lots of running in the younger years, then decided rowing would be good for me at 15, so 5 years later I found myself at Manchester Uni rowing for them, but really hit a plateau. I’m not built for rowing, I’m not tall enough, even for a lightweight. I got into cycling through commuting for rowing, rather enjoyed that and then fractured my wrist going the wrong way over a tram line on my bike whilst on the way home to race in a regatta!

Whilst in the gym keeping fit, I saw an advert for the local triathlon, thought that sounded good, even though I couldn’t really swim, and running was just a no ever since I ruined my knee on a training camp a few months before. A weeks holiday leading up, really put the nail in the coffin, and the time really wasn’t anything to write home about! But the seed has been sown and I was hooked. I loved the three sports, pushing yourself to the limit, and the whole camaraderie between athletes. The next day I was signed up to Ironman UK, though not really sure what one one, I had just heard it was a ‘challenge’.

By the time that came around, that had further escalated to Kona before I left my age group M18-24. I was 20 at IMUK 2009, gave me 4 years to do it. I didn’t succeed but triathlon has become something that defines me. I will still attempt to get to Kona one year, but the journey is just as rewarding.