The krazy life of triathlon

The Last Few Weeks

So over the last few weeks, I have been mainly recovering from my Ironman, and rediscovering what it’s like to have a social life again! I have also been getting my elbow and wrist back to normal. First involved me off to see a physio, who laughed at my movement and said “there really isn’t anything I can do for you until your Doctor has confirmed the fractures have fully healed and I can really get in there. It’s already basically fixed!” So off I went to the Doctors, and the conversation went along the lines of:

“Hi Tim, how is it?”
“Well…I did my Ironman a couple of weeks ago”
“Right….reckon I actually need to x-ray your arm then?”
“Nah it’s fine”
“Ok, well good luck”

Over the last few weeks, I have started to get back into some training, partly to build the muscle back up in my arm, partly because I started going a bit mad doing nothing, and partly because I was going skint using the tube the whole time! I am now into a good swing, and after a week of cycling everywhere, am knackered! Certainly got some work to do, to get back on it. But, not content with finishing my season on a write-off, I have a few more races lined up.

First up, I am racing the National Club Relays this weekend, which should be a lot of fun! Racing the mixed category, with a team of Chairman Howard, Nina, Me and Kat, a friend from work who I did the London-Brighton Night Ride with. It should be a lot of fun, and will definitely be nice to be back in the scene with so many people to catch up with. I am probably going to race the Maidenhead Half Marathon again, after a nice little blast last year, if I feel I can PB there, and then finally I am racing London Triathlon after managing to bag a spot courrtesy of Timex Sports and Toby Radcliffe (cheers guys!). It will be interesting to see how I get on, and hopefully I can hammer around and get close to my Liverpool 5150 performance. Finally, after all of that I am off to Cyprus for 9 days with friends from work for my first ever ‘normal’ friends holiday! No bikes allowed (though I will probably sneak my running shoes in my bag!). I am really looking forward to a proper break to recover, mainly mentally. It will also be fun rocking up to the airport with just a rucksack as carry-on and no bike or big suitcase in tow!

In the last month, I have also had a fair amount of time of work, not through injury, but to enjoy the spectacle that was the London 2012 Olympics! I spent more time at the Olympic Park than I did at home! They have really done a fantastic job of the place and I managed to get to see:

  • two handball sessions (seriously high paced game!)
  • track cycling – just simply phenonminal
  • swimming – the noise was incredible, I saw the mens IM relay heats, and by the sounds of the cheers when Liam Tancock touch first on his first length of his leg (which was the first), anyone would have thought we had won gold medal!
  • athletics – awesome stadium, 80,000 people cheering for Team GB was pretty special
  • women’s road race – soggy! But it was absolutely packed for most of the course
  • men’s and women’s triathlons – again, 10 deep all around the course, we got there 4 hours before the start and still didn’t get to the front, but I think my ear’s are still ringing from watching the Brownlees both win a medal!
  • water polo – this looked brutal! We were right at the front, which made it feel a bit empty until the roars erupted behind us!
  • women’s mountain biking – what a brilliant venue! I certainly can’t wait to try it out!

The support for Team GB throughout was just incredible, for any and every sport. My highlight has got to be the Velodrome though. The highest recorded noise level of any venue, and with one of the smaller crowds, it makes it even more special. I got to see both Vicky Pendelton’s Kieren gold and the Men’s Team Pursuit gold medal. Here’s the video I shot of the Team Pursuit Final, I hope the sound comes across, I counldn’t hear for a good few hours afterwards!

If you want to have a look at the pictures I shot (on my phone, think some look pretty good!), they can be found on my facebook page:

Finally, my blogging on here will be a little quiet for the next couple of weeks, as I’ve been selected to take part in the Inov-8 8 Weeks To Natural competition. Basically there are a group of runners, who will get running coaching to help us run more ‘naturally’. For me this means becoming more efficient = quicker. So if you fancy winning yourself some free Inov-8 swag, (and helping me!), go to the facebook app and vote for me! Every like and comment also counts as a vote, and they are having weekly draws, so keep at it! You will also be able to follow the progress of me, and the other runners, if this is something that interests you as we pass along any tips and what we are being taught. So check it out here!

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