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Starting From Scratch

Wow it’s been a long time! So long, my blog has even forgotten who I am! It’s been two months since Challenge Henley, and a skim read of my report from the race, and it is plain and obvious how burnt I was from just my feelings leading up to the race, let alone the race itself. My motivation was non-existent, which given the season I had, and stacked racing, is hardly surprising. My recovery was far from ideal between the races, and I think Henley was one too far, giving me my worst relative performance in the sport, but still I take a lot of satisfaction from toughing it out and finishing (although maybe I’m just a tight bugger who wanted my finisher medal and t-shirt after paying for it!). The season review will be another post and I will look back and see what I can take from it. This post is more in the present and immediate future.

So two months down the line, where do I stand. I have from extremely fit and in shape for Liverpool and Roth, to the best shape of my life but a little fatigued at IMUK, to knackered a little heavier but in the kind of shape where I can rock up and finish an Ironman to overweight, out of shape, extremely unfit but not fatigued. My motivation to train is also slowly starting to return, and I (almost) look forward to doing turbo sessions!

I am now fully into the working lifestyle, and although pulling stupid hours in the last few weeks, am settled in and can now concentrate on making time for sport again and getting back into the routine of training, which is by far the hardest thing to do after such a long off-season. Not that I’ve been completely sat of my butt for the last 2 months, I have done some exercise so it’s not completely alien to me, but a routine was. Though after 5 years of barely having any proper time off, it’s been great having a social life for once!

So the focus leading up to Christmas is in two parts:

  1. Routine exercise
  2. Diet

Routine Exercise

I am in the process of replacing my old faithful commuter, which has just about seen one too many potholes on the streets of Manchester, as is pretty much knackered beyond saving. So it’s time for a new bike (with many more planned!). Once I have a rideable bike again, I can start cycling into work which, depending on whichever office I’m in that day, should be a good hour and a half a day, which as I get back into the swing of things should be perfect and I can chuck a longer bike in at the weekend once I work out how to get out of London on my bike!

Running is fine as I can run anywhere, and all the offices I work at have showers which means I can run before or after work, at lunch or even to and from work if I want a long mileage day!

Swimming is going to be the interesting one. Thankfully London appears to actually be on top of this and I can get a ‘Swim London’ pass for £30 a month which gives me access to every pool in a public leisure centre in London, and they all seem fairly good with fitness swimming. Whilst this makes it easy to swim (and I will make the most of this), I do need to find a club of some sort to swim with, especially after the benefits I know it will give me. So any suggestions for a decent swim/tri club in London with a decent masters program will be much appreciated! I just wish they would open up the Olympic park for use, there is a world-class pool velodrome and track a mile from my house which I can’t use!


So after two months of beer and a London lifestyle has meant my weight has ballooned. Returning up to Manchester for the end of season party, I must have looked completely different, especially after all the ‘London appears to be treating you well!’ comments 😉 So it is time to reign it in, and I am going to start this completely revolutionary diet called the ‘Eat Healthily and Exercise’ diet. If it goes well, I may even right a book….

Anyway, I now clock the scales at around the 83 kg mark, which given I raced Liverpool at around 69 means FATTY! Though to be honest, even I am struggling to see where 14 kilos has gone, but I am certainly no longer the skinny little runt I was a few months ago. The diet is simple: cut the crap, get the nutrients in, eat lots of decent meat and keep hydrated. Couple this with some regular training and it should fall off.

I am looking forward to the process of regaining my fitness again and getting back into the shape. I have two camps planned next year, a week and a half at Kinetic PB, what looks like an awesome new facility in the south of Spain, at the start of January to put the icing on the cake and kick myself back into proper shape, and then the ‘beast’ Man Tri training camp in Malaga over Easter to set my season up nicely, I just need to enter some races next!