The krazy life of triathlon

Challenge Henley – The Plan

I am really unsure as to how tomorrow will go. At least at IMUK I knew I was in pretty good shape, just fatigued. Now I feel fatigued still, but don’t feel in good shape! My preparation has been bad enough it would probably give most coaches a heart attack! But it could be a good thing, and hopefully once I get going I will feel good. I know my base is good, and Maidenhead half showed there was something there so we shall see

The swim could be difficult, especially if the wind creates a bit of a current like there was during my practice swim. If I spend enough time getting my wetsuit on, then I should be ok. I’m going to be aggressive with my placing and accept the beating which will hopefully give a good tow. Ideally I want to come in close to the hour, and I should really. Break the hour again and I’ll be ecstatic!

I’m hoping the bike will go much like the first half of IMUK, and although it will take me a while to get going, hopefully I’ll feel good once I do and put in a decent performance. Somewhere under 6 would be nice, above IMUK time and I’ll be a bit disappointed.

The run is anyone’s guess, and although I am running well at the moment, if my legs are dead, I’m not going to be going anywhere quickly! I would be happy with breaking 4 though by this stage, I’ll be prepared for anything! The only slight issue I might have is my calf, which is still playing up. Hopefully it will work itself lose on the bike, but if it causes any issues on the run, it will be a long day!

So overall, if I came in under 11 I would be over the moon. Realistically I think I will probably be over, though hopefully not too much. If I go over 12 I’ll be disappointed and something probably would have gone wrong!

For those watching tomorrow, I am number 93. I’ll be in my usual Man Tri kit but sporting a rather fetching pink armband so I’ll be easy to spot! Any cheers will be greatly appreciated! If you want to track me, you can go to the Challenge Henley Website and click on the live results tab. I’m number 93.

Bed time now, at this rate I’ll get over 6 hours sleep! Bliss!

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