The krazy life of triathlon

Ironman UK – The ‘Plan’

Wow I have been crap at updating this lately! Laziness has really set in since Roth, that race report is still waiting to be finished…

Anyway, a quick note about tomorrow. Since Roth, I had a good rest, and then too much rest thanks to graduation, road tripping around the country and general life, but this is probably a good thing. The sessions I have done range from me feeling great, feeling OK with an elevated HR or feeling completely terrible! As such, I have no idea how tomorrow will play out. I would like to think I should settle into my groove once I warm up, but with only 3 weeks since Roth it may not work out like that. I am going to see how packed the swim is at the front, I want to try and get a draft this time, but would rather not get beaten up for it, especially with such a busy swim, but hopefully will be out close to the hour. Once out on the bike, a ride time of 6 hours would be great, especially on a course like that and I’m hoping I am in good enough shape to do so. So hopefully out of T2 with 7-7:30 on the clock.

The run is anyone’s guess. The weather looks like it will be another scorcher, so electrolytes are in and I hope I’ve recovered enough to put a solid effort in and run the 3:30 I want. All in all, it adds up to an A target of sub-11, with a stretch target of PBing – breaking 10:51.If I go sub-11, that should put me in a very good position for bagging a Kona slot, then all I need to do is beg/borrow/steal the money for it by Monday 😉

As usual, you can track at – I am number 1221.

See you on the other side


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