The krazy life of triathlon

On The Way To Germany


So we are on the way to Germany! The 4 of us are crammed into the car with the bikes loaded on (hopefully the picture works, I’m on my phone at the moment!) for the 1000 miles or so it will take us to get to where we are staying. I have no idea of Internet access out there, so I best get a short plan up just in case.


For those looking to track me on race day, I am number 1272 and if you go to The Challenge Roth Website there is an athlete tracker section which should give you splits are various points in the race.

Plan and Predictions

As usual I will aim to go by feel for this most part as trying to use HR with the heat and being fresh and speed/pace on decent roads is difficult to gauge. I also don’t want to hold myself back and stick to a certain pace or speed. I have no idea how I will fare at the moment, I’m extremely nervous about the lack of long, long sessions compared to previous years – I haven’t ridden over 130k in a loong time – yet at the same time I know I have a massive base to perform off. I am nervous as to how exams, finishing uni and moving house have affected my consistent training but recent performances at Bala and Liverpool show I am in good shape. Liverpool was only a week ago! I won’t have lost much.

I aim to have a solid swim and if I can swim anywhere near how I swam at Liverpool I will be happy. Hopefully I will come in under the hour, but as Switzerland taught me last year, if I get boxed in and beaten up a target time can go out the window. However I feel I am much more confident at getting into the thick of things and my ability has taken me front hanging on to 2nd packs like last year to leading them, and with wave starts I should be ok.

Once on the bike I want to settle in to a good rhythm early and keep it controlled. I don’t want to be afraid to push though and as long as I can keep my nutrition down I should be able to hold a good pace. I want to be coming in at 5.30 or at a stretch get closer to 5.15.

The run is a bit of an unknown for me. All my half marathon performances have been good, but my IM metric day was terrible. Again I think it will boil down to nutrition. If I can sort it out on the bike and get some in on the run I know I am capable of running 3:15. Realistically I will be closer to 3:30 and to be honest any lower than this and I will be disappointed.

Overall then, the absolute must target is a PB (11:04 current) and I really can’t see my going over this even on a bad day. The aim for Roth has always been to go under 10 and this is what I am aiming for, and know I am certainly capable of. On a perfect day I reckon I could break 9:45, though I think it really would have to be the perfect day as I am just simply not a strong enough cyclist yet to do any better. I certainly won’t hold anything back however.

Hopefully I can get some Internet out there, but I will keep my twitter page updated through texts, so might not be able to reply to tweets.

I can’t wait!



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