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February/March Training Plan

Getting Some Consistency

The plan for the next few weeks (click to enlarge)

In this hugely ugly layout of my training plan above you can see what I have done in the last couple of weeks and what I have planned between now and the end of March. I am working off 4 week blocks: 3 weeks build, 1 week rest and so far it seems to be working well.

The main aim of returning to regular training is complete, though this will follow in a more detailed post. With all the sessions that I want to do, it has been a challenge trying to fit everythig in. Swimming is pretty well defined with the Club sessions, and I can almost push as hard as I want in the pool without it affecting the other two sports (that is until 1k kick sets start getting thrown in!). The 3 big club rides are always there, and whilst they provide good training and plenty of opportunity for me to push myself, it does mean that everything else has to fit around them. This means trying to juggle interval sessions, in both the run and on the bike, and tired legs has proved a nice challenge. Thankfully I seem to be recovering well, and more importantly, being able to hit the important sessions proeprly, so I will continue as is.

Swimmig is in for a bit of a change however. The Wednesday morning club swim that has become a staple part of my plan, and is usually my hardest swim of the week has now been changed to a beginners club swim, and to compensate for this, an elite squad swim has been put on on Friday morning. This poses a challenge for me as I usually swim on Thursday nights, so grabbing a few hours sleep and then getting hammered by very good swimmers sounds both unappealing and detrimental. So I have decided to still go along to the Wednesday morning sessions, and use it as a time to really force myself to swim bilaterally, something that I can’t do whilst hanging on to the back of the top lane, and also as an opportunity to enforce tumble turns. I will also attend the Friday morning swim, as this will be the best swim for me to improve my swimming in the week. And instead of swimming on Thursday night, I will start the Thursday morning swims too. Three 6:30 swims in a row…fun!

In cycling and running, I will continue to build on what I have started, and concentrate on mainly speed work for the next few blocks, especially for the run. Gentle increases in duration each week should help ensure that I can absorb the training and not burn myself out. Of course I have the nice rest week where I drop the number of sessions and drop the hours way back, something I am looking forward to next week!