The krazy life of triathlon

I’m Back!

Wow it has been a long time since I last wrote one of these! As I settle back into Uni life, I think now is a good time to look forward and see what the plans are for the next season.

After Switzerland, I took a long break. I didn’t have too long of complete rest, and just did what I felt like, including a couple of runs within a week of finishing, and feeling pretty good. Admittedly I didn’t really manage my recovery very well, with rest and diet going to pot, and as a result it took me far longer to bounce back than I would have hoped. However, I am not too out of shape, certainly compared to this time last year, and am doing more and am certainly lighter.

I do feel like I needed a big downtime though, after my IM I had moving house (twice), finding a new house in Manchester, getting ready for Uni, going back to work at the Navigation and enjoying doing nothing, I slipped into a downward spiral of laziness and depsite a few attempts to kick start the training again, just lost motivation. However, I feel I am now back and ready to train, and certainly being back in Manchester helps.

Unfortunately, due to my laziness, I missed all the entry deadlines for end of season tris, so have no last race of the year. However, I do have a very busy few months coming up!

The main race of next year is going to be Challenge Roth, which I have paid and entered for! I am very excited to be doing this year, having heard what a fantastic race this is. However, I also want to do a branded race, on the very off chance that I am in good shape and there is a lucky roll down. So I have also decided to enter Ironman UK, which is only 3 weeks later! Speaking to friends who have done similarly stupid things, including Russell Cox, who did the exact same thing last year. Given my age, and with a history of recovering quickly (if I keep focus!) and the fact that there are a big number of slots next year, with a possible 3 in my age group, it makes it a good challenge to try and do!

Part of seeing whether this is actually doable, is a possible attempt at the Pembrokeshire Coastal Challenge, which is 3 marathons held over 3 days. It is a good time to do it, with plenty of time to recover before the Roth training starts, and will be a good indicator of how well I will be able to do 2 Ironman marathons close together. Swimming will be fine, and my bike fitness is good enough to be able to do both, certainly with another year under the belt, and it is only the marathon that will be interesting. I haven’t entered this yet, as I want to make sure my run fitness is up to scratch before I do, but all the signs seem to be good so far. I have also just started running in Vibram Fivefingers (not exactly sensible given!) as I transition further to barefoot/minimalist running, but I am loving them and seeing a quick adaption so we shall see. Thankfully I can enter right up to a week before so don’t have to make a decision just yet.

Coming up before that are the Tour of the Peaks, and this weekend a silly 170km 4000m climbing ride in the Yorkshire Moors with Mike, which really will be a shock after Freshers week, and no longer than an hour on the bike since Switzerland… but it will be a good kickstart and I can start training properly again, and start club sessions. I never like doing things the easy way anyway….

2 responses

  1. I’m hungry after a long run. I can’t imagine how unquenchable my hunger would be following a triathlon.

    Running in VFFs? Would you use them in the races, too?

    September 22, 2010 at 6:49 pm

  2. agentti

    For longer races, probably half and above certainly. Depends how long I can get it down to get in them for shorter ones, but will probably stick to newtons for short races.

    September 23, 2010 at 3:28 pm

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