The krazy life of triathlon

Damage Limitation

First blog post in a long time – and a lot has changed. As those of you who follow my twitter feed will know, whilst out in Russia I got stuck there thanks to the volcano, meaning I was out there and missed over 2 complete weeks of training. 10 days was borderline dangerous, 16 days was bad, meaning I lost a lot of fitness, strength and endurance, for what I found out now was essentially a wasted trip; but the less said about that chapter of my life the better.

So for now, that means I have to try and recover what I have thrown away. The main problem I have is that the Fred Whitton is on Sunday. Last weekend Mike, Andy and I went to the Lakes and did the course over 2 days, camping overnight at roughly half way. Two 4 and a half bike days after over 2 weeks completely off was not good! The first day I felt terrible, but thankfully I felt a lot better on the 2nd day, and managed to recover some sort of fitness. It’s nice to know that I still recover quickly.

The weekend gave me some fitness back, and a big bike week, and another planned big double day today and tomorrow should hopefully get something back. Having lost some of my top end power, I have fitted a compact, and hopefully once I am used to that I should be able to get round the course ok, and with no walking!

The other 2 sports pose a bit of a problem. After the Fred Whitton, I have a Man Tri training weekend, of 3 days in the Peaks which should be pretty good, then I will do a run specific week to pick that up and then it is the Beaver Half Ironman Triathlon.

With a swim specific week after this in June sometime, and some more solid hours, hopefully I should be OK and not lose too much fitness for Switzerland.

Anyway, for now it is time for some food, then get out on the bike for a few hours while the weather is good. Will hopefully have something up after the Fred.



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