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Running, Russia and Relaxation!

Just a quick post before I fly out to Russia tomorrow morning for the most time I’ve had of since my Ironman! I am off to Russia tomorrow morning for 10 days to see the girlfriend and have a bit of a mid season break.

To be honest, I really need a break. My body is slowly getting worse, I am very tired and losing motivation. With bank holidays, travelling, catching up with people and a bug, I have let training slip the last few weeks. Easter was meant to be a big solid bike weekend, but my legs were absolutely dead. I have put in a good few solid days of training, but am lacking the recovery that I had a couple of months ago. However, all is not lost! There is plenty of time to pick it up, and my general fitness is very good. A Max Strength weights block has also taken any power out of my legs, so when I have finished that, my recovery will shoot up.

Despite this, I have taken the plunge and made a big effort to complete my running. Lately my running has been pretty good, and I am running nice and light, and nice and efficiently, but I have gone all the way and brought myself a pair of Newtons. 2 things I have noticed from these. First, I already run with a pretty good midfoot landing, and wandering around in barefoot/flip flops half my life, means that my feet and lower legs are pretty well conditioned. So I haven’t had any of the usual sore calfs people apparently get after making the switch, which is good, despite some relatively big mileage in them. Second, they make you run completely midfoot. If you don’t (like when you’re legs are knackered like mine have been), you feel like you are trying to run the day after an Ironman! There have been moments though, when everything has clicked and I run almost silently and feel great. A couple more weeks in them to get used to them, and I will hopefully run properly. And when I do, it feels fantastic! I just need to get used to having a new design of shoes for the first time in 5 years, and the blisters that come with it!

Anyway, bed time now. I fly out in 6 and a half hours…