The krazy life of triathlon

Lanzarote – Day 7

Well that’s it and we are finished. There is a swim tomorrow morning but I doubt I will be able to get up in time, and I am extremely pleased with how the week has gone. I will put a reflections post up in the next couple of days when I am not rushing against a ticking clock in the Internet Corner! Suffice to say, the numbers are big!

Today was another early start and we had a sprint triathlon, with a 400m swim, 15k bike, and 5k run. The swim started and we were all set off at once in the pool and it was the usual melee, but I sat on Tom’s feet, who is just a bit quicker than me, and had the perfect draft for the swim until my chip started to come off! I came out the swim in 7.30, and I think that water is slow, but it also includes time getting to T1. Given the heavy week, I was pleased with that. I had a quick transition, and got on the bike for the next leg. One thing I need to work on is my transitions, T1 I lose all momentum getting onto the bike as I don’t jump onto it, rather stop and get on, and T2 I need to work on getting off the bike whilst still moving.

The bike leg is the same as the duathlon, and I held back a bit so as not to blow up on the hill to Tiajo, but still managed to blow, but a bit furhter this time. Once at the turn around, I put the hammer down and just tucked up on my aero bars, feeling pretty good.

Another quick transition and I was out on the run for the same 5k course. I pushed hard to get the legs working and then settled into a good ryhtym. After about 1k, I was caught by a woman, so I sat on her shoulder, expecting to kick again at 1k to go. However she started to struggle, so I decided to up the pace and push past her, and soon dropped her. I carried on up to the turn around, and saw a big line of people who were close behind, so pushed on. At the 1k to go mark, I gave my usual kick, but with no one to push off, it is a bit more difficult! Coming into the stadium for the finish, I saw a guy catching me with about 200m home so had to sprint home and that hurt! But I came in under the hour and in 9th place! Pretty pleased with that, and also pleased with the fact that the 5k was my fastest of the week!

After a quick nap, we were out on the bikes for another supposed ‘easy spin’ and to begin with it was. We then hit the first biggish climb and someone decided to attack, and race instinct kicked in and I followed. I tried to push through with a counter attack, but Nick the coach was staight on my wheel and I didn’t have the legs to carry it through. We had a good roll unto Soo where I decided to go to the front and pull. A nice decent and I tucked up onto the aero bars and sat at a nice comfortable HR with someone on my wheel so carried on. Once on the flats I pushed the pace, and still had Andy on my wheel so carried on. After about 2k I turned around and it turned out we had dropped the entire pack! It was nice to know my legs were still feeling good after all! It was beautiful weather for it as well and a nice end to the week.

This evening we had a bit of fun playing Beach Volleyball, then I went to a massage class, to learn the basics of sports massage. It was a really interesting lesson, and I have a whole crib sheet for the girlfriend to work off! Apparently I am a natural according to the teacher! Ha!

Anyway, totals and reflections to follow. For now its time to celebrate and get ready to go back to the cold and potholes 😦


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