The krazy life of triathlon

Lanzarote – Day 6

Today was long run day and consisted of the La Santa half marathon, which as I found out is a tough, hilly course with some terrible road surfaces, but great fun! I got up at half 6 and had a nice big bowl of cereal and then promptly went back to bed only to wake up at 7.40, 5 minutes before the start! A quick change and I rushed to the start, just in time to pick up my timing chip.
We set off and I was struggling until the hit the first water stop, which was my first drink fo the day! Still feeling pretty bad, I plodded on catching up with a few people and then more water and I slowly began to feel better and get into a nice rythym. After about 45 minutes I was feeling great and despite the course was doing well with a nice heart rate and good rythym. I had a gel every half an hour, and it wasn’t until the last 5k of the race that I began to feel it. A couple who were running together caught me up and I ran with them for a bit, having a bit of a chat and pushing a bit to keep up. Another gel and some more water and my legs came back. With about 1k to go, I kicked, and did exactly the same as yesterday and dropped the other two to come home in 1:53:18, which I was pretty pleased with given the course and the week! It was also the first time I had worn my compression calf stirrup things, (or gimp socks as they are better known!) and they really worked well. I have been having problems with my right leg for the last day or so, and it has been cramping up and lot and there is one god almighty knot in it that needs sorting out, but I didn’t have any problems during the race.

Unfortunately after the race, my old knee injury starting to rear its head, the same one as my Ironman, and it stiffened up a bit. We had an easy ride planned so I went out on the bike, but it soon turned into a quick pace and I was struggling. At the first stop after 15k, I decided that was it and turned around to head back on my own, and a nice comfortable place to finish with 30k. The knee was ok, but I didn’t want to risk it. It is annoying as well because the ride they did was really good, but I am finding my limits.

A good few hours in bed worked well in the afternoon, and I had another swim this evening, with the wetsuit on, doing a bit of technique work. I only did 1.7k as I want to have the arms reasonably fresh for the triathlon tomorrow. The wetsuit is feeling better, but I think I am going to need a new one.

So we have a sprint triathlon tomorrow, and then a bit more training and then it is all over! I am feeling pretty good actually, and am going to miss it when I leave. I do need a rest though!


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