The krazy life of triathlon

Packed And Ready To Go!

Well I am now all packed up with much running around delivery depots in Prestons and suitcase weighing. Just about managed to fit everything in, and only missing a couple of unimportant things from the post!

Bike In Box

Seriously annoyingly I have managed to thread my crank, by regreasing the bottom bracket and then forgetting to put the lip seal on! This meant I had extra room to tighten and managed to loosen the crank attachment thing SRAM use, and now there is a lot of play in the crank from where the lip seal should be and I can’t get the damn thing off to put the seal back on! I hope there is a Mechanic in La Santa who can fix it. Just my bloody luck, not happy.

Anyway, mentioned in the last post, I am expecting some big changes from this camp. This camp is effectively the start of my training for IM Switzerland, and afterwards I will have a couple of days rest, then 1 recovery week then the build begins with a 24 week plan, with one long rest weekend, and one rest week for when I visit Russia and training will be at a minimum. One of the aims of this camp is to put together that plan during my rest time.

There is an internet booth at the nearby hotel I am told, so hopefully I will be able to do some blogging every day with updates of how it is all going. For now though, adiós!

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