The krazy life of triathlon

Week 12

Totals for week 12:
Swim: 8.5k
Bike: 122.45k
Run: 36.5k
Commute: 60k
This puts the running totals at the end of week 12 as:
Swim: 59km
Bike: 1205.22km
Run: 266.9 km
Commuting 427 km
And he’s back!!! Well it has taken 3 months, but finally I have caught up with my training plan for running. My knees are a little sore, but it seems to be going ok! The progression over the remaining 18 weeks will be a bit slower than what I have been doing over the last few months, so hopefully they should hold up well! The running has been fine this week, the speed work is gradually increasing (which my knees don’t like as much) and as I am back home, I get to run alongside the canal, which is a mixture of path/stone/grass, which should be good for me knee and help strengthen them a bit more.
The swimming is plodding along nicely and the training with the tri club was easier this week. However, being the holidays, I am at home, so it’s back to training on my own in the local leisure centre (get to dodge little kids!), so my mileage will increase a bit, but I won’t get pushed as hard.
The bike again was its normal self, with the rides being shorter due to the recovery week, and noticeable improvements in climbing and battling the wind.
Being a recovery week, this week, means I had to take it easier to allow my body to recover from the last big training block, which due to injury/illness has effectively just been increasing since week 1, so it was nice to have a bit of a lighter week, and I certainly made up for it by going out lots! But I am looking forward to getting out on new roads at home, going to the welsh mountains, and 3 weeks of solid training with no distractions, in the sun! So hopefully, I will come back with a nice tan and a dusty turbo! I’m raring to go to up the mileage and increase the intensity, and being the holiday, I can get lots of rest so bring it on!

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