The krazy life of triathlon

Week 11

Totals for week 11:
Swim: 8.5k
Bike: 133.34k
Run: 40.65k
Commute: 55k
This puts the running totals at the end of week 10 as:
Swim: 40.5k km
Bike: 1082.77km
Run: 230.35 km
Commuting 367 km
Well it was a tough week for swimming. The first swim of the week was fine, given the move up to 3k, but the session on Thursday was a tough one with the tri club. Moving up a lane was tough, and the pace was very high and I was knackered! That set finished at half 9 that night, then 15 hours later I was back in the pool doing another 3k swim set! Was tired, but managed to get through it and found my form after the first km. The training with the tri club will be good for getting my speed up in the pool and a bit of coaching to help remove the bad bits of my stroke. Really need to concentrate on my head position.
Cycling was a good solid week, enjoying getting outside on the thursday! Lovely weather, though need to get my tan back quickly, black bib shorts only help show up my white legs! The long bike on sat was much better than last week. It was 15k shorter as I had a run after but even so, I managed to keep my heart rate down on the climbs, and took a lot more to eat and as a result was feeling much better even going into the wind on the way back home.
The run after was surprisingly good having been on my bike for 2 and a half hours, and the whole week itself was good for running! I nearly ran a marathon over the course of the week, 1 hour 15 today (sun), longest run for about 5 years and feeling good, and running fri, sat and sun and my knees are still intact! All in all, very pleased with this week!
This coming week is now a recovery week, where I cut back the training by about 10% to allow my body recover from a hard 4 week block of training, and although I was looking forward to it at the start of the week, I have recovered quickly towards the end and would rather train hard, but I know my body needs a good rest, and it will still be around a 12 hour week. My running has also nearly caught up with where I should be according to my training plan! This week was supposed to be 4 hours of running and I managed 3 hours 20, which is more than what next week is supposed to be! So hopefully within a couple of weeks I should be caught up and on track!
My blog, (another way to waste time and avoid doing work) at, has all my weekly updates on to check back on, so have a look! But it is mainly so I can look back at my training, without having to trawl back through twitter or my training diary.
Thanks for all the donations so far! And keep them coming in, Christie’s do a great job, and rely on your donations to make life easier for those living with Cancer, and helping them grow towards a future without cancer. And remember to GIFT AID it people!!
Also, if youre bored, keep popping back to my Twitter page I usually post a couple of updates a day on there, and put every training session up when I’ve done it, if you want to see how much training I have to do! And see how quickly it builds up!

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