The krazy life of triathlon

Week 9

Totals for week 9:

Swim: 4.8k
Bike: 123.88k
Run: 29.5k
Commute: 56k

This puts the running totals at the end of week 9 as:
Bike: 822 km
Swim: 37.5 km
Run: 166.5 km
Commuting 256 km

Well I have finally had a decent week of solid training. The swimming is continuing to improve, with some good speed work with the tri club, may hve to move up a lane after next time, once I have ironed out my bad habits! I will miss my 2.5k swim test on thurs for the session, but I feel that is far better than busting out a test, especially as I have broken 50 mins, which is what I am aiming to do.

Cycling is it’s usual self, had less commuting to do this week, so the legs have been feeling a bit fresher, and had a good ride on saturday, with lots of climbs and mostly into the wind, which is helping to build some endurance. Am slightly ahead of where I should be for cycling according to my plan so pretty happy with that.

Running is going even better! Had my 2nd week of full run training, doing all the sessions I should be doing, for the durations that I want (though not where I should be without the injuries). Managed an hour for my long run, with no discomfort in the knees, so very happy with that. Now I just need to continue to build up my running and get the longer runs in, to try and build a good base for the IM. I have missed probably around 6/7 weeks of base training for running, so will not be as fit come race day, but I have 21 weeks to make that up so as long as I am strong off the bike, it should be OK, just a bit slower on the marathon.

Speaking of time remaining, I am now about to start my last week of the base phase. After this, I add an extra swim a week, all of which go up to 3k in length, I have an extra bike, when my thursday recovery/technical session now moves to sunday, and thursday becomes speed work, and I add another run after my ride on saturday to get used to running off the bike. This will now mean I will be training 2-4 times a day, 6 days a week including weights! (May also add an extra core session into training). Feeling fit though, already looking slimmer and am pleased with the progress!

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  1. mike

    you’re absolutely crazy. mike

    March 9, 2009 at 9:18 am

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