The krazy life of triathlon

Weeks 4 + 5

I know, I know, I’m a bit behind, but starting now, I shall update this from my recent news from my facebook group every week (or depending how lazy I am!). Anyhoo, here is weeks 4 and 5:

Running totals at the end of week 5:
Bike: 417k
Swim: 20,000m
Run: about 80k

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks! Having almost cured my knee problems, I’ve been hit my shin splints, which are now on and off and probably caused by my new trainers which have helped my knee problems! So am waiting to see the podiatrist which should find the underlying problem to all of this and hopefully let me run properly! Until then, I’m doing what I can, which really isn’t enough, but you can’t have everything

Swimming is going really well, start having a coach back soon too, which should iron out any bad habits I’ve picked up whilst I’ve been training on my own, but have done two 2.5km swim tests, both around the 51min man, so really pleased with that puts me on for a sub-1 hour 15 IronMan swim when I get the wetsuit on!

The biking is going really well too, just been getting me legs back and rediscovering the climbs in the Pennines. Average speed has been going up, which is good and is only just short of what I want to do for the actual race, so should be there when I’ve got my race wheels and am fresh! Just got to keep it up for 6 hours….
In terms of that, the distances are really about to ramp up as I am now half way through my base period, 1/6th of the way there! Scary! The commuting has helped give my legs a bit of speed and a bit of a refresh when I’m tired, and the really long rides start now, as it slowly builds up to 6 hours!


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